Your privacy matters to us.
When sending us an email, your name and email address is collected and used to provide you with a timely response. In no way are we collecting and storing this information for third parties. Once the email is replied to the information is no longer collected and therefore you will not be spammed or contacted for any reason afterward unless a follow up is needed (e.g. “I’ll get back to your shortly”).

If a contest is held and you win a prize your name and address will be collected to send the prize out to you. When collected the information is stored until the item is shipped and then is no longer in use. We will not send any of your information to any unauthorized personnel or third parties. Your information is safe with us when you give us something as personal as your address it will never be seen by anyone or given to anyone who would misuse your information.

Contacting us by phone, your phone number is stored for a follow up call if needed. For no reason whatsoever would we store your number if a follow up call was not requested. Your number will never be given or seen by anyone unless you request to be contacted. At that time your number will be stored and a follow up call will be assessed, after which it will be no longer stored.

Any information collected to register to the site, or collected while visiting will not be used in any way other than to enhance the consumer experience. The information collected by visiting (e.g. referral links, browser, etc.) will never be seen as a specific person the information collected is on a grand scale and cannot single a person out. This information is collect via AWStats. Any information collected by registering (e.g. location, birth-date) is stored for your use only and will never be used.

We will not keep, store, pass on, or use this information for any purpose other than the designated. Any unauthorized use of any of your personal information will be dealt with accordingly. We hold your privacy a top priority.

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