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Last Archived News: August 1, 2013

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There has been a lot going on since our last update! We have been very busy but we haven’t forgot about you. Here are some new updates and some things that are being started again!

  • New Website Layout!
  • We rearranged a few things.
  • Added two new reviews!
  • Cleaned out the Forum.
  • Added More Rank Images, Only two more to go!! :D
  • Finally Added our Smilies! (Used # and a smilie for female)
  • Added our Walkthrough/Answers for FF Android!
  • Started our second Biggest Fan contest!
  • Restarted our Weekly Harvest Moon Quest!
  • We have our Facebook Page under new management to keep you updated all the time!
  • Partial My Little Shop Walkthrough
  • More to come later!

So what has been going on elsewhere, you ask? Well, Natsume has been promoting many other of their video games and currently have a contest to win a signed plushie for HomeTown Story. They have many for fans to win!

Tgains & Celestral

News Update!

The Town section in the My Little Shop walkthrough! However no images yet. Images will be set up after all of the text is up. More to come!

The Story section is up! I still need multiple pictures to add to all of that, but I will get there soon. All that's left is Running the Farm!!

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