August 1st, 2012

Welcome to the Grand Opening!

Tsuki no Hito is proud to finally be open for business! This Harvest Moon Adventure started 52 days ago, when I realized I had something to offer. I created this site to be user friendly, appealing and fun. This made finding information on the games even more harvest moon-y than ever!


For our already excited fans! We have an announcement of the Biggest Fan "Fanfic" Contest winners! Yes that's right winners!

First Place: jschong93 - Harvest Moon E3 Tote Bag
Second Plage: Pikamew - $10 Gamestop Gift Card

You guys were almost a tie so we couldn't help but have to give out two prizes. Please contact either of the admins via the contact page to receive your prize.


During this grand opening we will be celebrating with a contest. The "Biggest Fan" contest will be held from August 1st, 2012 until TBA. (The end date will be confirmed after the announcement of ANB's release date) This contest will consist of proving yourself worthy of being their biggest fan! The biggest fan title will go to the one who does the most harvest moon stuff during the contest. Every thing you do will earn you points towards your total. The contest page is found under the extras category. Or Click Here.

The prizes will grow with the number of contestants. The Grand Prize winner will be featured on the front page as the member of the month and win a brand new copy of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. If the number of contestants goes beyond 50 and 100, more prizes will be added, including plushies.

We are working hard to get a Harvest Moon likeness game of a "Farm Story" running. We have yet to announce the actual title. We have been working so hard on the launch for the site that it is taking us a little longer to launch the game. Thank you for your patience. We are currently stuck affording the correct exporting tools to put it on the website. If you would like to help with the process visit our donations page under the contact category. Or Click Here.

We do apologize for the help site to not be up and running, please understand it takes a lot of time to research all of the information to make sure it is accurate. If you would like to help please contact us via the contact page.

Tgains & Celestral

August 15th, 2012

Thank you so very much for making this website burst to life! We have had many people visit this site and join the forum!

What do you think should be included in the website? Please send us an email!

Updates to the website:

• Added Donation page

Current progress on the website:

• Harvest Moon SNES help section is being made. • Biggest Fan Contest is currently running.Contest prizes have arrived to the winners. • The games concept art is in the making.

We have some exciting news! One of our members, jschong93, got a picture of her cake on Natsume’s Facebook Page!

Tgains & Celestral

September 2nd, 2012

Natsume announced the release date for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning as November 5th, 2012! Woot!

Natsume also announced that if you order that game normally you get a Yak Plush, either on their website as the normal edition, at gamestop or any normal retailer (they listed and best buy but nothing confirmed from those retailers)

Yak Plushie!

If you order the anniversary edition only available at [’s online shop] for an extra $10.

Anniversary Cow Plushie

Natsume also announced that their game “Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming” on the phones would now include a story instead of a score attack mode (survival) and a mission mode (puzzle). This game was very basic so adding this mode makes this game just so much cooler! And it’s only $1.99!

HM: Frantic Farming Story Mode Preview

Jschong93 not only was mentioned on Natsume’s main page with her cake but she won a tote bag in their contest too! Congrats again!

Tsuki no Hito is hosting an anniversary contest to make an affiliate icon for our website! :)

We will now be announcing news every Sunday!!!

Tgains & Celestral

September 9th, 2012

Hello everyone!

We are working hard to make this site better and better with each passing day! We are currently working on:

• The Harvest Moon SNES walkthrough
• The Harvest Moon: My Little Shop walkthrough
• The Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming walkthrough
• Our very own Harvest Moon Fan Site
• Our game!

We are also holding two contests right now!

• The Biggest Fan contest and the prize is ANB!
• The One Month Anniversary contest and the prize is your image will be viewed at the bottom of every page.

If you wish to submit your own fan art, fan fiction, or anything fan related to our fan site please contact us so we may add it to our up and coming site.

Please be sure to join the forum!

Tgains & Celestral

September 16, 2012

Natsume Release a few photos this week of their new giant cow plushie! Check them out at their facebook: Natsume, Inc.

The pre-order starts September 24th, whose ordering one?

Natsume also posted this picture of a full Harvest Moon collection! They claim that this collection is only part of the person’s collection. I wonder whose it is.

Both of our contests are still going on. Be sure to join them! We will soon have our own “What Harvest Moon character are you?” and “Harvest Moon Quiz.” So stay tuned!

If you want to add your own artwork to the To-Be Fan Section please email us in this format:

Subject: TnH Fan Art

Forum Username:
Artist Nickname: (if you want to be known as something other than your forum username)

Then attach your art or a picture of your art.

Tgains & Celestral

September 23, 2012

New Update!

This week we had a lot going on!

Natsume held a contest to win A Wonderful Life Special Edition on the PSN. So far no winners have been announced! Natsume has been really celebrating their 15th anniversary this year! Adding many new games to the PSN line up and showing off their fans artwork! Be sure to like them on facebook!

Up and coming this week, Natsume is allowing preorders on their website tomorrow for the Yak and the Cow! So far Natsume has not yet stated if these will run out or not. Be sure to grab yourself one! And for those of you would can't play the game but really want the plushie be sure to use our mailing services!

The winner of our "First Month Anniversary Contest" was Pickcat Flower! Congrats! Please be sure to check out the affiliates section where all the artwork will be posted.

The second place winner was Jschong93! Whose artwork is shown below:

UPDATE: September 24, 2012

Natsume's Store just launched a few minute earlier than expected! We hope it won't sell out too fast for those who don't have the money for it immediately! Be sure to grab your copy quick it is only available until October 24th.

Tgains & Celestral

October 1st, 2012

News Update!

We turn two months old today!

Natsume is celebrating Harvest Moon’s 15th year anniversary with a lot of PSN re-releases and two 3DS shop re-releases. And a new update on another game being re-release will be out on Tuesday. These are all their games they a re-releasing so far: (which aren’t all Harvest Moon games)

• Harvest Moon GBC (Virtual Console 3DS) – TBA
• River King GBC (Virtual Console 3DS) – TBA
• Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (PSN – PS3)
• River King: A Wonderful Journey (PSN – PS3)
• Turnabout (PSN – PS3)

Already on the PSN:

• Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl (PSP)
• Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley (PSP)
• Innocent Life (PSP)
• Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PS3)
• Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland (PS3)

Also don’t forget to wish Natsume a happy anniversary as the company turns twenty-five on October 20th!

I edited some forum preferences for travelers. Travelers can now post in spam; however they now have limited access to the forum.

Tgains & Celestral

News update!

Natsume is going to shut down their cow preorders soon! They said they are running out fast! Order them while you can!

If you are outside of the US or in Hawaii/Alaska, please visit
this link on how to get one.

Thank you,

October 18th, 2012


Natsume just announced a secret is underway! Tomorrow we will have a full announcement! We believe ANB is shipping tomorrow! :D So October 23rd may have been the real release date after all! Sneaky, sneaky Natsume.


October 21st, 2012

Alright guys! Natsume decided last Friday, October 19th, that they were going to soft release the game. Which means that they shipped on the games on the 19th, and you will probably get them this week. So far this is what seems to be when youa re getting the games:

If you ordered the cow and got two-day shipping from Natsume: October 22nd and 23rd.
If you ordered the cow and got standard shipping from Natsume: October 25th.
If you ordered from GameStop: 22nd - 26th.
If you ordered from Amazon: Unknown

If you ordered from Natsume and got a cow & a yak or just a yak, please send us an email to let others know when your package maybe arriving.


November 1, 2012

We are now 3 months old! A lot of stuff has gone on since the last news article.

A New Beginning has official released everywhere! Walmart, Target, GameStop & EB Games all have it it! Amazon is sadly behind in the times. However no one has received their beloved yak yet.

Our Biggest Fan Contest has a winner! Pinkcat Flower is the Biggest Harvest Moon fan for the year 2012! Be ready to participate next year to see if you win! Jschong93 got second & Keera got third.

I started doing a new type of review which I’m calling a "preview." This "preview" is to determine how you need to get this game whether it is terrible and you should get from the dollar bin or so amazing you need to pre-order it.

Natsume’s Anniversary Edition of the game is officially close! Thanks to all those who ordered the cow from us! As soon as we get any information from Natsume on it being shipped I’ll let you know!


December 15, 2012

Wow, our 4th month already! Time really seems to fly. We're rapidly nearing the end of the year, so if you don't have A New Beginning yet, you could always ask it for the Holidays ;) Are you planning on celebrating the Holidays in Harvest Moon style?

Natsume has released ANB in the US 3DS eShop so you can get a digital copy now. It's actually their first title for the eShop, with more coming in 2013.

Also make sure to take a look at our ongoing contests in the forums if you haven't already! There's a super fun
Scavenger Hunt taking place right now, organized by jschong93, where you can win awesome prizes like a plush cow mobile phone holder or a handmade door sign. Tgainsbrough has started setting up the weekly contest so make sure to enter there as well. You can register yourself in the Weekly Contest Entry Form topic.

There's been a change to the donations. Donations this month will be going towards keeping our P.O. box open :) The goal for this is only $22,- so let's see how quickly we can get to that goal!



The weekly contest this week is: N/A

Be sure to enter your answer or picture at: Weekly Contest!

If you haven't signed up to play sign up here: Weekly Contest Entry Form

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