June 9th, 2014

Two new giant pieces of news! Natsume just annouced their new game Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley!

Harvest Mooon 3D: The Lost Valley

It is not the same Connect to a New World that was released in Japan that will be released in NA called Story of Seasons by Xseed.

Story of Seasons

Natsume also annouced their new E3 promo plushie a doggie with a blue bandana they said their promo plushie for the game with me the one with the red bandana.

Two Cute Puppies with Blue Scarves

I'll keep you updated with more! Be sure to join us for our Weekly Quests and Contests in the forums! We will soon be holding out Silly Strings Contest to win handmade plushie made by our very own Pikamew!

Thank you guys, Tgains

Update: Apparently Multiverse Studio announced a lineup for Harvest Moon! One of which is a chicken that becomes an egg and the already confirmed plushie with a red bandana. It says 6 plushies are being released this year including a Bear, Bunny, Chicken & Chick, Dog, Raccoon, and Sheep, which once again is an overwhelming thing of plushies that no one will be able to collect. :( Please check out this Citizens News to give your opinion on it.

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